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March 2020 - Breaking Bread as part of Nirin, Biennale Of Sydney

Feb 2020 - Things We Miss, Eleni Christou and Kim Siew

Oct 2019 - Screening of Reimagined Landings, New Moon Collective

Sept 2019 - Martina Galarza

May 2019 - Zine Exhibition, feat. Lizzie Nagy, Mike Watt, Safdar Ahmed, Average Cabbage and Mona Moradevisi

May 2019 - Joi Murugavell

Nov 2018 - Interwoven, Paula Do Prado and Kylie Walsh

Oct 2018 - Fairytales, Digby Webster and Rosell Flatley

Sept 2018 - Of Land And Mind, Peta Morris and Ainsley Warner

Aug 2018 - Embodied, Safdar Ahmed and Samuel Luke

July 2018 - Good Food Crap Drawing with podcasts by Lee Tran Lam of The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Hungry and knitted sausages by The Sausage Queen - Chrissy Flanagan


Nirin, Biennale Of Sydney 2020

Cape Town (South Africa) collective, Breaking Bread, hosted a series of gatherings and exchanges with local and international artists and the wider community as part of Nirin.

Photos by Breaking Bread Collective

Breaking Bread Collective


Eleni Christou and Kim Siew
Durational Kitchen Installation
13 - 16 March 2020

Kitchens, traditionally the centre of domestic life, served as innate sites of cultural, social and knowledge production. It is in the kitchen where habitually, the universal and essential ingredient of all meals was utilised; time.

Yet time is progressively a fundamental element missing from our everyday kitchen and food encounters. Approaches to cooking and eating are increasingly mobilised, with a preference for food that is quick to make and consume. In reducing time from our kitchen activity, complex recipes involving multiple processes, often embodying familial, cultural and sentimental value of preceding generations, are at risk of disappearing. The kitchen becomes a thoroughfare, a temporal relationship.

Things We Miss is a durational performance by Kim Siew and Eleni Christou, concerned with the artist’s experience of ephemeral culinary exchanges with place and time in the past and present. Using domestic objects from their own homes, Kim and Eleni will recreate the intimacy of the domestic kitchen at Thirning Villa, where they will prepare a variety of time intensive dishes. During this period, visitors are invited to add their own temporal element to the installation by joining the artists at the kitchen table, observing or participating in the preparation, culminating in a communal feast.



Exhibition by Marte
Opens 19 September 2019

Argentinian artist Martina Galarza showcases her new body of work X5, reflecting on time, memories and meaning.
Our observation of the world is constantly rewriting memories and intertwining the notions of past, present and future. Thus, the power to create new worlds is inherent to all of us.
X5 is a graphic exhibition that explores these realities using the aesthetics of videogames, sci-fi comics and mystic ephemera.



11 - 31 May 2019, Thirning Villa

Group Exhibition showcasing the talents of 5 leading zine artists:
Average Cabbage, Mike Watt, Lizzie Nagy, Mona Moradveisi, Safdar Ahmed
Featuring a zine library with work from local zine makers.

Average Cabbage
Mike Watt
Mona Moradveisi
Safdar Ahmed
Zine Exhibition
Lizzie Nagy
Mike Watt


July - November 2018

New Moon had a 5 month residency at The Yanada Room in Lewisham, where alongside a program of monthly events and workshops, they invited emerging artists to exhibit their work.
Exhibiting Artists
Good Food Crap Drawing, Lee Tran Lam, The Sausage Queen - Christine Flannagan, Safdar Ahmed, Samuel Luke, Peta Morris, Ainsley Warner, Digby Webster, Rosell Flatley, Paula Do Prado, Kylie Walsh

Rosell Flatley
Of Land & Mind
Of Land & Mind
Good Food Crap Drawing
The Sausage Queen

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